Friday, 17 April 2015

Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Disappointed about what is happening in South Africa....the xenophobic attitude and the gruesome attack and murder is just simply shocking!!!!. What is happening in Africa! have some of these countries forgotten how these same people coming from other countries came to their aid in the darkest periods? They contributed massively to their freedom and independence. I am indeed very saddened Source: Rainbow Radio 87.5fm An appeal has been made to the Government of Ghana headed by his Excellency President John Dramani Mahama to as a matter of urgency evacuate the thousands of Ghanaians domiciled in South Africa. Some members of the Ghanaian Community in that Country who expressed fear and frustration said their lives are in danger due to attacks by locals. The International media has since Monday reported of xenophobic attacks by some youth of South Africa on other African Nationals in some parts of the country. The reason for theattacks is that foriegners seeking greener pastures have taken over their jobs. Speaking to Kwame Tutu, breakfast show host of Rainbow Radio 87.5fm from Johannesburg, a number of Ghanaians who said they have gathered and locked themselves up in one house, made a passionate appeal to the government to help get them out of the country. Asked if they have tried contacting the Ghana High Commission in South Africa, the Ghanaians caught in the troubles said little is done by the Commission to support Ghanaians who find themselves in any kind of trouble. Heart wrenching photos and videos of the attacks are trending on various social media platforms.

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